Cupid always has his arrow ready to shoot people into a perfect match. Love may be in the air, but even Cupid himself has no control over what goes down on the first date. You do though. To ensure your budding romance is a hit, brush up on these oral hygiene tips to avoid making major first date mistakes. 


A minty fresh breath is a must

You wouldn’t dare go out on a date without first making sure your breath is fresh. There’s nothing worse than an oral odour. So, let’s make sure your first date ends with a kiss that will be memorable and not malodorous.

Food can be a major culprit to bad breath. So as a rule of thumb, always avoid eating any foods that are extremely pungent prior to and while on your first date. Ingredients, such as garlic and onions can leave your breath with an intense and undesirable aroma.

Dehydration can also be a huge culprit to bad breath. You could brush your teeth like never before but as soon as your mouth becomes dry, it becomes smelly.

The worst part is that these two common triggers for bad breath are just as common on first dates. You’re likely going for dinner and you’re probably nervous and have a dry mouth. As such, one of the best dating tips you can ever get is to keep a small bottle of breath spray in your pocket/purse so you can opt for a pre-date and post dinner pick-me-up if you feel your taste buds emitting a certain scent. When in a pinch, a glass of water is also a great way to swish away some bad breath bacteria!

Additionally, brushing your teeth and swishing around some minty-fresh mouthwash prior to the date is a no-brainer.


Fight those tooth stains for a positive first impression

Your breath may be fresh and your mouth may feel clean, but if your teeth aren’t shining, you may not be giving off the first impression you hoped for. Smiles have the ability to say so much about a person without saying anything at all. This can be both good and bad. Since it takes only a couple of seconds for a first impression to be formed, there are some dating tips you don’t want to overlook.

Your teeth can never be too clean or white. People love good oral hygiene, especially if they plan on ending the night with a kiss. So, if you know you have a date in the future, swap out your regular toothpaste for whitening toothpaste. You can also incorporate the use of stronger specialty tooth stain erasing options into your oral hygiene routine to turn your teeth into stunning pearly whites.

While being pro-active is a great way to obtain a sparkly white smile, being preventive is just as important. There are several foods you want to avoid prior to a date to forbid a tasteless tint on your teeth. The most common culprits are coffee, tea, and red wine. However, foods such as blueberries also have a bad habit of turning the prettiest teeth into ones with a blue hue.  


Keep the food on the plate or your palate and never in between your teeth

You’ve put forth all this effort to ensure you have a date-winning smile and the last thing you want is a piece of meat, lettuce or spice in between teeth to throw you off your game. Having food in your teeth is just as gross as it is embarrassing.

Be careful with what you eat on a date. Ribs, popcorn, small seeds, and spices are common culprits for getting stuck in your teeth. So, you may want to avoid them.

If all else fails, drink lots of water in between bites and swish the liquid around your mouth to give your teeth an impromptu “water brushing”. Don’t forget to store some dental floss or floss picks in your pocket/purse so you can give your teeth and oral hygiene a little boost whenever you escape to the bathroom. Our Oral Pick Kit that comes with a slim case and a mirror is definitely a must-have pocketable item to bring along with you.

There’s no denying that first dates are nerve-racking as it is. The last thing you want to worry about is having bad breath, stained teeth or displaying your dinner in between your pearly whites.  With these oral hygiene secrets and dating tips, you can have a confident smile that will certainly help you end the night with a kiss to remember! Knowing your teeth are shining bright will also give you an extra boost of confidence, which is always sexy and desirable.