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  • Oral Health Conditions and Oral Care Practices At Different Stages of A Woman’s Life

    We focus on the different oral health conditions and oral care practices that women have to take note of at different stages of their life. Click on the heading to read more

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Tips for You to Enjoy your Favourite Hot/Cold Food & Drinks Even if You Have Sensitive Teeth

    If you have sensitive teeth, then you'll find you "CANNOT" eat and drink cold or hot without experiencing stinging pain. So then what “CAN”? Well, everything “CAN” if you are smart about how you eat and drink. Click on the heading to get tips on how to enjoy your favourite hot/cold food and drinks without aching sensitive teeth.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Guide to Keeping a Fresh Smile (and Breath) Throughout the Day

    Unfortunately, you can spend hours getting ready for that fantastic day out, but last minute selfies will always get the best of you if you aren’t prepared.  Despite ensuring that every last detail of your makeup, hair styling, fashion etc is flawless, as the day goes by, you’ll discover your teeth and breath may not keep up to standards as you enjoy meals, after dessert, after coffee, after sweets etc.  So, what do you have to do to make sure nothing embarrassing pops up on your social media feed the following day? Click the heading to learn more.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • How to Prepare for Great Looking Teeth before Going on a Date

    Cupid always has his arrow ready to shoot people into a perfect match. Love may be in the air, but even Cupid himself has no control over what goes down on the first date. You do though.  To ensure your budding romance is a hit, brush up with these oral hygiene tips and avoid making major first date bad breath, food stuck in between teeth and stained teeth mistakes. Click the heading to learn more.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Bad Breath: Causes & Insider Tips to Alleviate It

    No one likes bad breath – not you, or the person you’re talking to. It’s something many are extremely self-conscious about, but what most don’t realize is that you can fight bad breath.  It starts with proper oral care and some insider secrets that naturally give your breath a freshness boost.  Click the heading to find out more.

    Posted by Pearlie White