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    Brushing, flossing and rinsing are part of our daily habits towards achieving a complete oral care regime, but are you sure you know everything there is to know about these practices? If you're unsure, watch Lareina as she show us great tips to get that perfect smile you've always wanted.

    Posted by Pearlie White

    Toothpaste is the perfect invention from the 1900’s for cleaning our teeth.  What one other thing can remove dental plaque, prevent tooth decay, fight gingivitis, and make our breath smell first-date worthy, all in one go? But surprise, surprise, toothpaste has even more uses than just boosting our oral health. Here are 5 areas you can use toothpaste on to achieve amazing results!

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • 7 Ways to keep your child's teeth healthy

    Your child means everything to you and you want to protect them from all the bad things in this world… including gingivitis, plaque and cavities! We hear you! With these 7 tips and 3 new products in Pearlie White’s kids range, you’ll be ready to help your child fight bad bacteria and tooth decay! Gooooo… super parents!
    Posted by Pearlie White
  • 8 Ways To Combat Sensitive Teeth

    We hear you, experiencing tooth sensitivity is no fun! Having teeth that are hypersensitive to hot and cold or even spicy can make eating even your favourite food become your worst nightmare. You might feel an annoying discomfort, or it might even cause you pain. Don’t give up all your favourite foods! Click on the picture above to learn how you can combat sensitive teeth.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • 4 Ways To Love Your Mind And Body

    This is the season for love. So don’t forget to shower love on everyone in your life, not forgetting your teeth as well! Yes, self-love is just as important and perhaps even the stepping stone to finding the love of your life. Click and check out four ways to love your mind and body.

    Posted by Pearlie White