Brushing teeth might seem like a simple task that we do every day, but are you sure you’re brushing the right way, or using a toothbrush that’s suitable for your teeth and gums? Watch Lareina as she shows us 5 top tips to sweep stubborn food particles and plaque away.

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Flossing may seem like an optional oral care practice but trust us when we say it’s almost as important as brushing your teeth. Watch the video above to see how Lareina flosses her teeth daily, to get rid of any less visible remnants from your dinner!

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After all that brushing and flossing, but still suffering from not too pleasant breath? That’s because of invisible bacteria that are still thriving inside your mouth, and that is where rinsing comes in. In just less than a minute, you can keep your breath feeling fresh and minty, while giving you the perk-up you need for the rest of your day.

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