Happy 2018! Whether your new year’s resolutions include smiling more, putting yourself out there and going on more dates, or even taking better selfies, you might want to add these oral care resolutions to make sure you can achieve those other goals!

Just like a lot of other things you know you should be doing, like exercising more and drinking more water, it takes effort and frequent reminders to self to take the best care of your oral health. So write these down where you’ll see them throughout the day and get working on that pearlie white smile!

1. Brush your teeth twice a day

Some people think brushing at night is extra work and not really necessary. After all, no one’s talking to you in dreamland. But just imagine the bacteria that start nesting in your mouth from all the food remnants that linger in there. Imagine a green mist of decaying stench when you open your mouth the next day. Next thing you know the little bacteria organisms are stabbing and picking at your teeth causing cavities and all kinds of nasty things you don’t want. Well, let your imagination remind you to brush at least twice a day by using toothpaste that can help fight cavities and plaque.

2. Go beyond just brushing

Sure you might already be brushing in the morning and before you go to bed, but make sure you pay attention to brushing for 2 minutes, and not just do a cursory in-and-out. Make sure you also change your toothbrushes every 3-4 months, lest they lose their effectiveness. Flossing is very necessary especially if you’ve had a meal with bits sticking between your teeth, or you never know what might have accumulated there during the day.

One way to make it easier to remember is putting a container of floss next to your Pearlie White toothpaste. Stash another container of floss in your purse or desk drawer at work, so that you can floss on the go if you forget to do it at home.

3. Eat better, healthier foods

This change not only impacts in a good way your teeth but your entire body and well-being. Make it a point to say no to junk food, sweets and soda. Choose a sugar-free sweetened confectionery if you have cravings for something sweet. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals too through vegetables and fruit, and stock up on calcium, which strengthen your teeth to withstand everyday wear and tear. Not only through dairy products, but some surprising sources of calcium include bak choy, soymilk, seaweed, oranges and almonds!

4. Quit bad habits that harm your teeth

Drinking too much coffee, smoking tobacco and biting your nails all have a detrimental effect on your teeth, so try not to if you can. While you’re at it, stop using your teeth to open everything from chips bags to bottle caps, or biting off tags from new clothes! The more you’re aware of what you’re doing to your teeth, the longer they’ll do you a favour.

Kick these bad habits and use toothpaste that can remove teeth stains to keep your teeth white and brighten your smile.


5. Don’t say “It’s nothing”

Maybe you’ve been having tooth sensitivity, or pain or bleeding gums lately. Don’t brush it off as if it’s a trivial problem. Not nipping small issues in the bud can lead to huge and more painful problems down the road. Delaying treatment can cause cavities to grow in size or lead to more serious decay in your mouth. Just remember: Don’t want decay? Then don’t delay! Start now by using a toothpaste that provides fast acting relief and creates a long lasting barrier against tooth sensitivity.