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  • Powerful Natural Ingredients for a Naturally White Smile

    There’s really no need to pile on harsh, abrasive chemicals to get rid of those pesky coffee/tea/food stains that have been accumulating on your teeth since your last visit to the dentist.There are some powerful natural ingredients that can help you achieve a naturally white smile. However, not every home mixture/remedy works and you’ve got to get the right combination for it to be effective.

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • What your Tongue is Telling you about your Oral Health

    A healthy tongue complements a beautiful smile. Your tongue can tell you a lot about your oral health. What does a coated white tongue, striped tongue, red/swollen tongue etc mean? And what can you do to get a healthy tongue?

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Say Hello to Our Singaporean Packing Team Members

    Say hello to our Singaporean packing team members. Like all major brands, we use machines to fill and seal our tubes of toothpaste. But we DON'T get machines to insert our sealed tubes of toothpaste into boxes and cartons because that does not create more jobs. And we prefer people to machines…don’t you?

    Posted by Pearlie White
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy on-the-go

    Busy with work? Travelling? These aren’t excuses for neglecting your daily oral care routine. Take these steps to keep your mouth healthy at all times.
    Posted by Pearlie White