The only thing worse than having no photo evidence of an awesome day out is having photo evidence that clearly shows just how crazy the day was. Just when you think you’re safe from any embarrassing photo opportunities, your friends surprise you with a new tag on the latest photo. #SocialMediaProblems. 

Unfortunately, you can spend hours getting ready for that fantastic day out, but last minute selfies will always get the best of you if you aren’t prepared.  Despite ensuring that every last detail of your makeup, hair styling, fashion etc is flawless, as the day goes by, you’ll discover your teeth and breath may not keep up to standards as you enjoy meals, after dessert, after coffee, after sweets etc.  So, what do you have to do to make sure nothing embarrassing pops up on your social media feed the following day? Let’s find out.


Compact Mirror for Quick Checkups

As the camera comes out, you start to fuss with your hair, you layer on some new lip gloss, and you check your teeth for leftover food. You look in your car's mirrors, at the reflection in random windows, and even on the back of a shining spoon at dinner time. Any reflection will do. However, despite your effort, it can be hard to spot any flaws that a camera will almost always pick up on.

So, always store a compact mirror in your purse. Pop it open whenever you need and you’ll never have to worry about leftover broccoli making an appearance in your smile. Kill two birds with one stone and trade in a compact mirror for a kit that comes with oral picks! It’s just as small, yet significantly more practical.


Avoid Lipstick Smudges with Two Simple Tricks

Getting lipstick on your teeth is a nightmare. Just when you think your look is flawless, you snap a selfie only to notice your pearlie whites stained with hints of red. That’s also not to mention that you first have to discover the lipstick smudged on your teeth, which is an entirely different problem in itself.

So, the secret? Prevention. Since you likely reapply your lipstick throughout the night, keep some pocket tissues in your purse so you can remove any excess from the inner parts of your lips. When in a pinch, your finger will work just fine.


Keep it Moisturized

You can layer on all the lipstick in the world but dehydrated, chapped lips can never be hidden. When you try to put some gloss or lipstick on desperate to hide chapped lips, you’re actually making them stand out more. The lipstick clings to the broken skin and a HD camera found on every smartphone quickly brings attention to your dry, unpleasant lips. 

So, always keep some quality lip balm in your purse. When you feel them getting dry, always replenish them before applying any more lipstick. Otherwise, the latter will only be your nemesis.


Keep it Fresh at All Times

You know when we said there’s nothing worse than having a bad photo pop up on social media? Well, we were wrong; there is something worse – bad breath! If you’ve ever been deserted with bad breath, no gum, no breath spray, and no mints, you know the struggle is real.

When you’re out having a blast with your friends, it’s easy to become dehydrated. This inevitably leads to bad breath which can put a serious halt on a fun and flirty night. If you can taste the shift in scent, you’ll be incredibly self-conscious throughout the night. If you can’t taste it, you’ll be wondering why people are suddenly hesitant to come closer. You can’t win either way.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can do to help combat it, but the best is to keep a breath spray (ahem…like our Pearlie White BreathSprays) in your pocket/purse. A quick squirt and you, your friends, and your breath will be thankful for it.

You know the selfies and unplanned photo shoots are coming. So, you might as well be prepared. Keep these small accessories on you at all times, and you’ll be looking, smelling and smiling fresh for every photo opportunity that comes your way. Gone are the days of fearing what will pop up on social media!