Having a healthy set of teeth and gums = Priceless. You only have one set of adult teeth for your whole life.

But keeping them healthy can be a costly expense especially if they fall into poor condition that will require costly professional dental procedures to treat.


Avoid costly professional stain removal procedures.

It’s all about what you do after consuming food or drinks that stain your teeth such as coffee/tea/red wine, blueberries etc.

Obviously it’s not possible always to have a toothbrush and toothpaste on standby.

So at very least after you have consumed such food/drink, take that paper napkin and wipe the front of your teeth.

And if there is nobody you want to impress dining/drinking with you then go ahead and get a glass of water and gargle as hard as possible, then swallow. Keeps stains away and keeps you hydrated too.

It’s also a good idea once you get home to use a stain-removing toothpaste to help get rid of any remaining stains.

By doing the above, there will be less need for your dentist to help polish away stains on every single visit to her/him. That will provide you with some savings.


Avoid costly professional de-sensitizing treatments

Most of us will experience sensitive teeth when we age.

Firstly, there are practices to  ensure you do not worsen the condition. For example, we all love our fruits (or juices) like oranges, grapefruit, pineapples and strawberries. And who can resist the taste of some freshly squeezed lemon or lime onto barbecued meat and fish. But these are all acidic and can worsen and already bad sensitive teeth condition by further eroding your tooth enamel and exposing your tooth nerves to hot/cold stimuli.

So make it a point after consuming the above, to immediately, give your mouth a good rinsing with water. Even better if for every mouthful or sip of the above citrus fruits, you then take a sip of water and gargle then swallow.

The less you leave and the shorter amount of time you leave; remnants of these acidic foods on your teeth; the better.

Having said that if you feel you already have severely sensitive teeth and the above is just going to stop but not make it better, why not try to repair your tooth enamel with a remineralization toothpaste.

By doing the above, there will be less need for your dentist to perform special desensitizing treatments on every single visit to her/him. That will provide you with some savings.


Extend usage of your toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth rinse and floss

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth rinse and floss are items that you would use in your oral care regime several times a day. Here are some useful tips on how to use them more economically.


  1. For toothpaste, note that generally, squeezing out enough toothpaste to cover half an average sized-toothbrush is sufficient already. There is no need to use more. Using more does not deliver more benefits than if you brushed your teeth a little longer. Do check out our range of Pearlie White toothpastes where we have specifically made tube openings about 20% smaller than that of other brands so you have more control when you are pressing paste out.


  1. For toothbrush, remember that it does not mean if you press the toothbrush harder on your teeth that it will clean better. Rather gentle strokes will clean just as well and also ensure you do not damage your tooth enamel. Plus your toothbrush will last longer. If you are looking for cost effective toothbrushes that are gentle on your tooth enamel and with different head options that suit your teeth condition, check out our range here.


  1. For mouth rinse, use the cap as a measuring cup. Do not pour straight from the bottle into mouth as that will lead to spillage and wastage. Check out our range of alcohol free anti-bacterial/anti-septic mouth rinses. All come with caps that can be used to portion the correct amount of mouth rinse on each usage.


  1. For floss, remember your normal usage preferences and just pull out the amount you need. Most floss users actually pull out more than they need for each flossing. If you are looking for cost effective floss variants, do check out our range here. We even have a 200 meter extra value and extra long usage variant that provides the best cost per meter ratio versus all competing brands.