Majulah Singapura. For our international audience, this is the name of our Singapore national anthem and it translates to “Onward Singapore”.

And if you have visited our country, you know it moves onward at a breakneck fast pace. We think, sometimes a little too fast.

Like all major brands, we use machines to fill and seal our tubes of toothpaste. And we can also get machines to insert our sealed tubes of toothpaste into boxes and cartons ten times faster and at a fraction of the cost than with people.

But we DON’T because that does not create more jobs. And we prefer people to machines…don’t you?

Say hello to our Singaporean packing team members.

So yes it is Majulah Singapura for us. But we make sure nobody gets left behind.

Pearlie White® is the only Singapore oral care brand and the only oral care brand that continues to manufacture in our country.