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Precision Tooth Stain Eraser head

$2.50 SGD

Professional Interdental Brush - Pack of 5s

$7.90 SGD

Rinse Cup

$1.90 SGD

Sensirinze™ 750ml
Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse for Sensitive Teeth

$9.90 SGD

Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser with Plaque Remover

$19.95 SGD

The Real Red® Anti-Cavity
Fluoride Toothpaste 138gm

$3.95 SGD

Tooth Plaque Remover head

$2.50 SGD

Tooth Stain Remover head

$2.50 SGD

Tooth Surface Stain Eraser head

$2.50 SGD

Travel Toothbrush
with Premium Toothpaste 25gm

$4.95 SGD

Travel Twin | Plaque and Stain Remover
Sold Out
Travel Twin
Plaque and Stain Remover

$7.60 SGD

Two-Way Tongue Brush

$5.75 SGD