Toothpaste is the perfect invention from the 1900’s for cleaning our teeth.  What one other thing can remove dental plaque, prevent tooth decay and make our breath smell first-date worthy, all in one go? But surprise, surprise, toothpaste has even more uses than just boosting our oral health. Here are 5 areas you can use toothpaste on to achieve amazing results!

1) At home

Toothpaste should be touted as the #1 must have in every home. If you have recently decided to use a new type or brand of toothpaste, don’t throw the old one out.

Re-purpose them: Toothpaste gets crayon off the walls, it makes your sinks and chrome faucets shine, removes the gunk on your iron, lifts stains from carpets, and gets rid of watermarks left by guests (or very often, husbands) who don’t know how to use coasters! I don’t know any household, especially one with kids, who couldn’t use a miracle cleaner like that. Why have a multitude of cleaning products when all you need can be found in one unassuming tube of toothpaste?

So don’t feel the need to finish up your old toothpaste before you switch to a Pearlie White that one that really meets your oral health needs. Click here to check out our range.

2) On holiday

Yeah, here are some reasons to bring a full tube the next time you’re on vacation. Swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, skiing or snowboarding? You’ll use a pair of goggles or mask in all these activities, and the best way to keep them from fogging up? Coat the goggles with toothpaste and then wipe it off. Foggy goggles can be dangerous, so don’t take the risk! Rely on your trusty toothpaste to keep you safer.

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3) On your skin

Who knew that toothpaste could be a remedy for skin issues too! If you’re having a huge pimple, apply some toothpaste on it before you go to bed. Overnight, the toothpaste will reduce redness. Of course, one night might not be enough, so just reapply every night until it goes down. Applying a mixture of toothpaste and body lotion to a bruise and wrapping it can also help it go away. Guess what, toothpaste also works wonders to soothe the itching from annoying mosquito bites!

Of course toothpaste also provides remedies to oral health issues like sensitive teeth and gum issues; check out some that we offer.

4) On your hands

Your hands could certainly use a pampering of toothpaste every now and then. First of all, if you’ve been handling smelly foods such as fish or garlic (or even durian!), scrubbing your hands with toothpaste will remove the stench. (You can try washing your feet with toothpaste too if you have smelly feet!) Burned yourself while cooking? Apply toothpaste immediately to cool down the burn. And if you’re giving yourself a manicure, use whitening toothpaste on your fingernails for an initial buff.  Check out our whitening toothpaste range here.

5) On your car

Your car certainly doesn’t have teeth but here are some parts that will love getting a toothpaste scrub. Car headlights oxidise over time so if you’re dealing with poor visibility due to cloudy headlights, scrub some toothpaste over it with a toothbrush. It not only polishes the surface to avoid fogginess but also fills in fine scratches to improve overall visibility. Your windscreen could also benefit from this toothpaste treatment. Rub a damp cloth with toothpaste all over your windscreen (with the wipers out of the way). No more issues with a foggy windscreen, even in the rain! Safety first, so toothpaste away!

It may have been invented for our teeth, but here’s to show that toothpaste shouldn’t only be confined to sit on your bathroom sink! Of course, the best use of toothpaste remains for your teeth – after all, it’s called “tooth” paste haha – so make sure you’re brushing with toothpaste twice a day! Check out the Pearlie White collection of toothpastes to find the perfect one to suit your oral care needs, whether it’s remineralization or whitening!